CV Website


Personal website and software portfolio

This is my personal web portfolio used to display my software projects. The website is designed to display pertinent information regarding myself and my work within a user-friendly environment while also maintaining a degree of personalization.

This project was bootstrapped using Astro, a recently-released JavaScript framework that leverages Static Site Generation (SSG) to dramatically reduce project bundle sizes. A defining characteristic of Astro is its ability to import components written for other frameworks (React, Angular, Svelte, etc) and run them on demand. As a result, the project is able to import modules designed for React seemlessly (such as the typed introduction seen on the homepage), allowing a React developer such as myself to code within a familiar environment.

The UI of the website is handled mainly by Astro’s built-in CSS+ syntax and supplemented with Tailwind. This “CSS-first” approach allows me to maintain flexibility and ownership of the design while simplifying the process of writing baseline CSS. This has also been a valuable experience in practicing web design without the aid of a design framework, such as Material UI, as utilized in past projects.